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Vector Telecom is a subsidiary of L3 Telecom, a Licensed Voice provider in The Netherlands, established in 2004. Our bespoke telecoms soutions range from retail and wholesale VoIP trading to customized softswitch development and custom API integration. We enabling extremely accurate SPAM call filtering and route performance enhancements.

Traffic Profile

On both the retail and wholesale sides of the marketplaces, we try to ensure A-Z traffic availability. Bulk SMS, A2P traffic and destination services are also available. A traffic profile is exactly what it sounds like: a profile of your network's traffic based on connection data gathered over a time period you select. You can utilise connection data gathered by your devices, connection data exported by any or all NetFlow-enabled devices, or a combination of the two.









Your Best Pricing

Get the best price that fits in your budget, with our basic, silver, gold and platinum plan.

Basic Plan


110 Calls to any country. 60 minute Free per month. 30+ Amazing Features. 200+ Bulk SMS. Free Rollover Line. VoIP Adapter Included.

Silver Plan


110 Calls to any country. 60 minute Free per month. 30+ Amazing Features. 200+ Bulk SMS. Free Rollover Line. VoIP Adapter Included.

Gold Plan


110 Calls to any country. 60 minute Free per month. 30+ Amazing Features. 200+ Bulk SMS. Free Rollover Line. VoIP Adapter Included.

Platinam Plan


110 Calls to any country. 60 minute Free per month. 30+ Amazing Features. 200+ Bulk SMS. Free Rollover Line. VoIP Adapter Included.

Make a call for test & Start your E-Business

Vector telecom provides a test call service which can help you get the wholesome experience of the VoIP calls services and lead you better towards your E-Business.

Call Registration



It's not simple to choose the finest VoIP service in terms of pricing, features, vendor, and customer support.

Businesses may be unsure of the nuances involved in VoIP installation because the technology is relatively new to them.

To help clear up some of the uncertainty, we've put together a list of frequently asked questions about VoIP. Let's get started!

Companies are accustomed to paying more for new technology, so they are often shocked to learn that VoIP is less expensive than equivalent corporate plans on traditional landlines. The exact cost of switching to VoIP may vary depending on a variety of circumstances, but the company will save money both immediately and in the long run.

Even while analogue devices may be used with adapters, most organisations opt to buy IP phones to use on their VoIP network. Basic IP phones are cheap, and higher-end versions have many more functionality than traditional landlines.

This is one of the most often asked questions about VoIP. For corporate VoIP, a fast Internet connection is essential.The actual bandwidth required is determined by the number of simultaneous calls to be made; a large number of simultaneous calls will necessitate more bandwidth/broadband.

VoIP Services for Business

Vector telecom provides the substantial next generation connectivity and traffic access/insights. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is an internet-based business phone service that allows you to make and receive calls from computers, VoIP phones, and mobile devices.


Vector Telecom offers worldwide VoIP connection with market-leading costs and a one-of-a-kind self-serve feature that enables SMBs to buy DIDs, maintain IPs, choose termination quality, make payments, and more with just a few easy clicks.

Retail Routes/Traffic

Vector Telecom’s retail routes service directs originators and quality traffic, giving you a stable and fast direct/PRI route.

Billing Switch

Vector Telecom offers its own fully customized free billing VoIP switch. With our finest billing witch service, you can maximize your reach and take your business to another level.

Wholesale Routes/Traffic

Wholesale Routes/Traffic service offered by Vector Telecom gives you monitored wholesale routes with high stability and dedicated traffic. As a result, your interconnect costs are reduced, and your revenue-critical intercarrier business is effectively managed.

API Integrations

Vector Telecom enables your organisation with unrivalled SPAM filtering, real-time wholesale and pricing information, and subscriber HLR and authenticity checks using its industry-unique APIs. Concentrate your traffic on the most profitable paths and avoid the low-quality traffic traps common in contact centres. API integration is the linking of two or more programmes through their APIs (application programming interfaces), which allows systems to share data sources. API connectors provide data synchronisation, increased efficiency, and income generation across various industries and layers of an organisation.


Bulk SMS allows sharing of messages with a large number of audience- at once. Share messages with all your customers with just one click by using our super fast Bulk SMS feature.


Reach out to a larger audience quickly through our amazing Bulk Calls. With Bulk Calls, all you have to do is to just record a voice message to send across multiple customer databases and it is shared with all your customers with one click, saving you a lot of time and money.

What They say

Tarmo Jegorov

CEO Devitems

I wanted a solution to get the best traffic insights for my business and got exactly what I wanted. I had a very pleasant experience with Vector Telecom and will surely recommend it to others.

Tarmo Jegorov

CEO Devitems

They have been a great help to my business. Their team is highly professional and cooperative.

Tarmo Jegorov

CEO Devitems

Excellent work! I can now reach out to more customers at a time with their amazing billing switch service. Thanks a lot.

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